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Head and shoulders shot of a young woman of Asian appearance looking at the camera.
Career Advice

Why I studied … Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production

Emerging screen producer Faraz Anarwala talks about studying at AFTRS and specialising in Production Design, Sound and Cinematography.


Vonne Patiag interview: 'short films are the best thing that’s ever happened to me'

‘I call myself a “brat",' says the multi-award-winning writer, director, producer and actor, 'because I think brats are hilarious.'


Ten tips for creating a web series that cuts through the noise

Be bold, grab attention and ask for help. Good advice on making web series from writers and producers Amanda Reedy…


Odorama: meet the olfactory artist bringing smell back to the 80s film Polyester

When Erin Adams got the chance to recreate scents for the 1981 John Waters' film she knew it wasn't an…


Mark Coles Smith: 'I came away from Mystery Road a reassembled person'

The multi-talented Mark Coles Smith discusses his experiences as a First Nations actor, producer, storyteller ... and sound designer.


Want to be a casting director? Alison Telford says: 'be tenacious'

As ABC TV's former Casting Director, who has worked with HBO, Netflix and others, Alison Telford knows how to fit…


Want to be an actor? Jerome Velinsky says 'don't wait for the call'

Jerome Velinsky has acted in live-action series, voice video game characters, and written and directed his own series. So what's…

Career Advice

Want to be a showrunner? Paddy MacRae says 'make a killer cup of tea'

The showrunner life is made up of early starts, late nights, and not a lot of free time. But it's…