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Creatives with ADHD: how a coach can help

Artists and creatives with ADHD need particular kinds of support to thrive. Creative coach Briony Kidd knows the challenges first-hand…


Twitter accounts film and cinema lovers need to follow

A round-up of the Twitter accounts you should follow if you talk about, make, or just simply watch movies.

Education & Student News

How to make an amazing short film: top hacks from a festival director

Make a shorter, simpler film and you can focus your resources on fewer locations, setups, and minutes to sound design,…

Education & Student News

Making a film? How to source cheap or free props and costumes

A guide to sorting out all the things that give your film its unique look: props and costumes. Even on…


What's new to streaming this week on Netflix, Stan, Binge, Disney+, Prime, Paramount+ and more

What to watch this week, including Gotham Knights, Extrapolations, Ted Lasso, and Agent Elvis.

Career Advice

Location scouting 101: where to shoot your film in Australia

Finding the perfect place to shoot your film in Australia can be a bit of a headache, so we've got…


Melbourne Cinémathèque: our must-sees of 2023

The Melbourne Cinémathèque is back on in 2023, and from February you can look forward to retrospectives and special screenings…

Opinions & Analysis

Why is Austin Butler still speaking in his Elvis voice?

A little less conversation and a little more action may be needed for actor Austin Butler to overcome his 'role…

Opinions & Analysis

The 180-degree rule: how to follow it ... and how to break it

A scene in The Banshees of Inisherin had people furious over its disregard for the '180 degree rule' – so…


Conscious casting in the world of voice over acting

While the stage and screen industries are shifting towards a colour-conscious casting culture, the voiceover world is only just catching…

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