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Why Australians love going to the cinema

'I love the cinema experience. It’s a bonding experience, if it’s good it’s an emotional and cathartic experience.'

Opinions & Analysis

Four Daughters is a Tunisian masterpiece – what makes the film groundbreaking?

Delve into the story behind Four Daughters – a critically lauded documentary about a family versus an extremist group.

Opinions & Analysis

Anatomy of a Fall is a critique of anti-feminist backlash

With sexism on the rise in France, Anatomy of a Fall examines the role of motherhood and domestic labour in…

Opinions & Analysis

The Zone of Interest: new Holocaust film powerfully lays bare the mechanisms of genocide

The Zone of Interest uses alienation from its central horror to make it one of the most unsettling holocaust films…

Opinions & Analysis

Godzilla Minus One offers an insight into the complexity of Japan’s war memories

The human cost of war is the real villain of the Oscar nominated Godzilla Minus One,

Opinions & Analysis

Napoleon: busting myths in the new Ridley Scott movie

Did Napoleon really fire at the pyramids? A historian explains the truth behind the legends of Ridley Scott’s biopic.

Opinions & Analysis

Scarygirl tells a story of human-nature connection through Australian animation

Scarygirl, in cinemas now, emulates a toy aesthetic to teach kids about the natural world and the need for human-nature…

Opinions & Analysis

The creativity of William Friedkin: from arthouse to Oscars

American director William Friedkin, once a crucial driver of New Hollywood in the 70s, has died at 87 years of…

Opinions & Analysis

10 years of homegrown horror: Talk To Me signals a golden age

Are we witnessing a new golden age of Aussie horror? Jessica Balanzategui says yes.

Opinions & Analysis

Is Ken a Men's Rights Activist in Barbie?

Ken’s rights? Research shows Barbie is surprisingly accurate on how ‘men’s rights activists’ are radicalised

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