Vimeo changes direction, pursued by SVOD providers

Vimeo goes into the stock footage business, which could have all kinds of uses. And royalty free makes it much easier for low budget limited infrastructure projects.
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Just over a year ago, Vimeo announced that it was going into original content and had set up a division to find projects. Then the reality of Netflix and Amazon’s wholesale scooping up of project sank in. Within six weeks, Vimeo was out of  that business, and then abandoned its plans to push those original projects on SVOD. 

Since then it has continued to develop its software side, which is a fundamental part of the enterprise. It offers slick, consumer friendly, artist driven services to enable people to post footage which can be downloaded for a fee, among other touches which mark it as a creators’ friend. 

Now it has announced that it has gone into the stock footage business. 

Today, Vimeo announced the launch of Vimeo Stock, a new global, royalty-free stock marketplace featuring an exclusive collection of high-quality video footage sourced directly from Vimeo’s community of iconic creators. Vimeo Stock shakes up the traditional stock industry by unlocking content from Vimeo’s world-renowned community of storytellers, redefining what stock footage can and should look like. Creative professionals, marketers, brands, agencies and businesses of all sizes will enjoy disruptive economics as compared to other stock marketplaces: Vimeo Stock contributors keep 60-70 percent of revenue generated from their licensed clips (versus the average industry cut of ~35 percent), while subscribers to Vimeo’s paid membership plans always save 20 percent on all stock purchases.

So creators can sell footage – everything from dancing bacteria to high mountains, animated giraffes to riffs on the end of time, in a very good deal, using software which is unusually easy and transparent.

But, then there is this.

At launch, Vimeo Stock is available in over 150 countries, seven languages and 29 currencies.  Non-exclusive content is priced at $79 for HD clips and $199 for 4K clips, while exclusive content is priced at $299 for HD clips and $499 for 4K clips. Anyone with a Vimeo account can purchase stock footage, and subscribers to Vimeo’s paid membership plans always save 20 percent on all stock purchases.

You will note that this is royalty free and global. Also, in the tradition of Vimeo, the material for selection is hand-picked.

The company is at pains to point out that it still providing its usual upload, manage, advertise, prioritise and sell services. Its just that ambition has been tempered probably by the emergence of Apple to make the field even more crowded.

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