LADbible Australia launches three new original docuseries

The new series, says LADbible, will dive into different aspects and issues of our society.

LADbible Australia is launching three new Australia-focused and locally-produced original series. Off the back of its award-winning docuseries and campaign UNHEARD, tackling racial injustice in Australia, the new series – Hindsight, Chances and MySide – will ‘dive into different aspects and issues of our society’. A newly launched local LADbible Australia YouTube channel will become the home to the publication’s original content.

With Hindsight, LADbible Australia sits down with unique individuals who have made transformative decisions or gone down unique pathways in life. From changing religions, joining the military, or ethical non-monogamy, to face tattoos, sex workers, ex-convicts or cult leavers, the series will showcase unique individuals, explore their reflections and journey, and what they wish they knew before jumping in. Hindsight’s pilot episode has been released today, and six more will follow, published on the LADbible Australia YouTube channel every two weeks. 

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