Netflix: new shows streaming this week

Your guide to what's new to stream from 18 to 24 March in Australia.

New to streaming this week

Physical 11 – Season 2 (19 March)

Returning with 100 new contestants to claim the honour of the ultimate physique, this fiery global competition takes the challenges to new heights.

3 Body Problem (21 March)

Across continents and decades, five brilliant friends make earth-shattering discoveries as the laws of science unravel and an existential threat emerges. Starring Jovan Adepo, John Bradley and Eiza González.

Read: A star-studded cast, $160 million budget and Game of Thrones’ creators … everything we know about the new, eight part sci-fi series, 3 Body Problem.

Shirley (22 March)

Film. Shirley Chisholm makes a trailblazing run for the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination after becoming the first Black woman elected to Congress. Academy Award winner Regina King stars as the political icon in this rousing drama. Starring Regina King, Lance Reddick and Terrence Howard.

Added last week

Young Royals – Season 3 (11 March)

Young Royals. Image: Netflix.

As Hillerska confronts the worst crisis in the school’s history, Wilhelm and Simon navigate heartbreaking revelations and final decisions. Starring Edvin Ryding, Omar Rudberg and Malte Gårdinger.

Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War (12 March)

Series: Beginning with the development of the atomic bomb and the dramatic proliferation of nuclear weapons in the decades after, the series traces Cold War history past the collapse of the Soviet Union to the rise of Vladimir Putin and into the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Directed by Brian Knappenberger.

Girls5eva – Season 3 (14 March)

Series: Girls5eva kick off their Returnity Tour and meet new friends, fans and foes on the road as they navigate their way back to the big time. Starring: Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps and Paula Pell.

Chicken Nugget (15 March)

Series. A woman steps into an odd machine and becomes… a chicken nugget! Now, it’s up to her father and admirer to embark on a zany quest to bring her back. This 12-part absurdist Korean comedy series is billed as ‘a crispy fried comedy fresh out of the fryer’. Created by Lee Byeong-heon and starring Ryu Seung-ryong,Ahn Jae-hong,Kim You-jung.

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