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Time Addicts: five questions for director Sam Odlum on his Melbourne film

'We kind of forgot that it has a lot of funny moments too,' says New Zealand director Sam Odlum about…


The Plains director David Easteal isn't interested in labels

David Easteal, director of Australian film The Plains, talks to ScreenHub about making his genre-defying, internationally acclaimed debut.


Vonne Patiag interview: 'short films are the best thing that’s ever happened to me'

‘I call myself a “brat",' says the multi-award-winning writer, director, producer and actor, 'because I think brats are hilarious.'


NFSA Player launches with 17 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander titles

The Buwindja Collection shows how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ voices have been represented, a snapshot from the 70s to…


Odorama: meet the olfactory artist bringing smell back to the 80s film Polyester

When Erin Adams got the chance to recreate scents for the 1981 John Waters' film she knew it wasn't an…


The Survival of Kindness: interview with editor Isaac Coen Lindsay 

Editing a first feature film would be nerve-racking enough, but when it's a film by one of your idols, even…


Mark Coles Smith: 'I came away from Mystery Road a reassembled person'

The multi-talented Mark Coles Smith discusses his experiences as a First Nations actor, producer, storyteller ... and sound designer.


Karla Grant: the Voice to Parliament is the biggest issue facing Australia

As SBS's Living Black marks its 20th anniversary, journalist and host Karla Grant discusses her career and the value of…


The Giants co-director Rachael Antony: 'this is a film about being alive'

Australian environmentalist Bob Brown and trees are intertwined in this urgent, beautiful documentary.


Love Me star Heather Mitchell on playing women with agency

The hit Melbourne love story is back for a second season, with a zesty role that Mitchell is happy to…

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