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Furiosa Anya Taylor-Joy

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga review – grinds every gear

Can George Miller strike grease lightning again with this fast and furious prequel led by Anya Taylor-Joy?


Paco review: a fantasy quest through the everyday

Tim Carlier’s clever and ambitious low-budget comedy is a love letter to Adelaide and its communal arts scene.

After the Flood, Britbox.

After the Flood, Britbox review: climate disaster and crime make good partners

A small community, a natural disaster and a heavily pregnant detective add fresh ingredients to the traditional pleasures of a…


Housekeeping for Beginners review: a luminous tribute to found family

Of An Age director Goran Stolevski’s latest is a tribute to the enduring love of friendship.


La Chimera review: Rohrwacher weaves an irresistible work of art

La Chimera is part myth, part parable, and part philosophical debate.


Civil War review: Alex Garland's film will stun you

Garland's provocative, dystopian film places four photojournalists at the centre of its story.


Before Dawn review: Anzac war horrors that shaped a nation

Based on real diaries, Before Dawn doesn’t shy away from the horrors of war, but it doesn’t hammer them home…


T-Blockers review: body horror and the trans experience

With delicious body horror, vibrant colour aesthetics, and layers-upon-layers of metatext, T-Blockers achieves something amazing with its tiny budget.


Lyd review: a must-see Palestinian documentary

Lyd is the story of a city that once connected Palestine to the world – and what it could have…


You'll Never Find Me review: Australian nerve-fraying horror

A barefoot young woman knocks on a caravan door in the dead of night, setting the scene for skin-crawling tension.

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