ABC mourns leadership lynchpin, Mick Millett

Millett, a "reporter at heart," was a fierce advocate for journalists' rights. His death spells more bad news for Australian journalism.
ABC mourns leadership lynchpin, Mick Millett

Mick Millet was leader, journalist, and advocate for public broadcasting. 

The man who led the ABC as Director of Public Affairs, has passed away at age 60 after a period of illness. He is mourned by his wife Debra, their children Dylan and Shayne, and a huge network of friends and colleagues he made over the course of an incredible life, well lived.

Mick brought a fierce devotion to the principles of truth and accountability to every role he took, from his first cadetship with the Melbourne Herald. His journalistic rigour shaped Australia’s news landscape; he spent 20 years at the Sydney Morning Herald, first as a political correspondent in the Canberra press gallery, then serving as North Asia Correspondent, and finally, Deputy Editor. He has played an integral leadership role at the ABC since 2009, when he joined as Director of Communications.


Managing director David Anderson gave a heartfelt statement about this bereavement on behalf of the ABC, celebrating Millett 'tireless defence of public broadcasting and the rights of journalists everywhere.' He described Millett as 'a friend and mentor to many journalists who respected him for leading by example,' who pushed the ABC, and the news media industry, forward at every turn.

Millett was an institutional mainstay who provided insight and support to Anderson as Managing Director, as well as Anderson’s predecessors, Michelle Guthrie and Mark Scott. His loss risks destabilising ABC leadership during this transition period. The public broadcaster has faced unprecedented financial and management troubles over the past two years. The loss of this industry stalwart will touch news media nationwide.

Vale, Mick Millett. May your dedication to journalistic integrity and public broadcasting live on, even in the current political climate.


Monday 9 September, 2019

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