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Netflix’s A Family Affair rejects stories of sexual women as ‘bad mothers’ – but it’s a terrible film.

Starring Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron, A Family Affair fails in its mission to challenge stereotypes about sexual mothers.

The End We Start From. Image: Paramount/Apple/Prime
Opinions & Analysis

‘Maternal cli-fi’: the new genre changing up the absent-mother narrative in cinema

How The End We Start From boosted maternal cli-fi, a genre spotlighting mothers in worlds destroyed by natural disasters.

Behind the scenes of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Image: Jasin Boland/Warner Bros Entertainment
Opinions & Analysis

From outback to wasteland: what Mad Max films tell us about the Australian desert

Films like Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga present an imagined future of mega drought: a possible future scenario for climate…

Australian Documentary A Fire Inside.
Opinions & Analysis

Energy, climate and corporate ties in Australian documentary

The links between promotion and philanthropy in the documentary sector have a long history. What have we learnt?

Challengers. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
Opinions & Analysis

Challengers: a competition psychology expert weighs in

Challengers fuses sex and sport in a straightforward but effective way, says a psychology expert.

Image: Canva
Opinions & Analysis

Why Australians love going to the cinema

'I love the cinema experience. It’s a bonding experience, if it’s good it’s an emotional and cathartic experience.'

Opinions & Analysis

Four Daughters is a Tunisian masterpiece – what makes the film groundbreaking?

Delve into the story behind Four Daughters – a critically lauded documentary about a family versus an extremist group.

Opinions & Analysis

Anatomy of a Fall is a critique of anti-feminist backlash

With sexism on the rise in France, Anatomy of a Fall examines the role of motherhood and domestic labour in…

Opinions & Analysis

The Zone of Interest: new Holocaust film powerfully lays bare the mechanisms of genocide

The Zone of Interest uses alienation from its central horror to make it one of the most unsettling holocaust films…

Opinions & Analysis

Godzilla Minus One offers an insight into the complexity of Japan’s war memories

The human cost of war is the real villain of the Oscar nominated Godzilla Minus One,

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