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How to make an amazing short film: top hacks from a festival director

Make a shorter, simpler film and you can focus your resources on fewer locations, setups, and minutes to sound design,…

Education & Student News

Making a film? How to source cheap or free props and costumes

A guide to sorting out all the things that give your film its unique look: props and costumes. Even on…


ScreenHub's best advice for screen professionals from 2022

Want to be a director? Or perhaps a composer? Or maybe you just want to produce your own short film.…


How to crowdfund your film or TV project

Is crowdfunding overrated? Maybe – but there are ways to make it work and get your film funded quickly.


How to survive networking (without screaming into the canapés)

If you're creating something, chances are you'll need to let people know about it. Networking is therefore essential for practitioners,…

Melanie Killingsworth with her computer on location

Three skills every film director needs – a practical guide

Melanie Killingsworth outlines the top skills needed for directors working between commercials, shorts and longer narrative projects.


Courage, Confidence & Strategy: Sue Maslin's advice for women pursuing leadership

Inspired by Natalie Miller, Sue Maslin says we need more women taking the leap into positions of financial and creative…