Naomi Watts and Mia Freedman to talk menopause at SXSW Sydney

Watts and Freedman will discuss middle age and menopause at the inaugural festival in Sydney next week.

Naomi Watts, actor and founder of the menopause beauty and wellness brand Stripes, will be attending SXSW Sydney next week for an open conversation around menopause, hosted by Mamamia co-founder Mia Freedman.

In Menopause and Midlife: A Springboard for Reinvention, Watts is is expected to discuss her ‘second act’ – life pre-, mid-, and post- menopause, the genesis of Stripes, and her mission to normalise the conversation about women’s health in midlife. The two women will share a conversation around all things menopause from peri to post, a subject that historically has been off limits.  

I’m thrilled to be joining the inaugural SXSW conference in Sydney,’ Watts said. ‘SXSW in Austin is always a rollercoaster of inspiration, fresh ideas, and amazing speakers. I’m so glad that it’s happening in Australia, and I just can’t wait to have some real talk about the whirlwind of menopause, women in their prime years, and the hustle of a career in midlife and beyond.

‘This is not the end, we’re not invisible or irrelevant. It’s the beginning of something wonderful, actually – we’ve earned this time.’

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Freedman said: ‘Mamamia started a conversation with Australian women about peri-menopause several years ago when we launched our first Very Peri Summit and the response was overwhelming. Generation X women want to talk about this life stage and with Mamamia’s core purpose as a media company being to make the world a better place for women and girls, we’re here for it.

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‘I can’t wait to sit down with Naomi who is helping so significantly to change the conversation around this life stage every woman will go through.’

The session will take place on 17 October at the Great Hall, UTS Sydney. Visit the SXSW Sydney website for more information.

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