How to thrive with performance anxiety

Nerves are normal and part of our human conditioning. These simple strategies can help you shine at your next audition, job interview or live presentation.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced this: you worked hard to prepare for an opening night or major pitch meeting and you’d been crushing it in rehearsal. But when it came your time to shine, for some inexplicable reason, you weren’t able to deliver that same level of excellence. 

This isn’t a situation that’s unique to actors and those the creative industries – though we are likely to have a higher rate of exposure. Whatever your profession, rest assured that performance anxiety is a perfectly normal – and even potentially encouraging – experience.

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Tahlia Norrish
About the Author
Tahlia Norrish (@tahlianorrish) is an Aussie actor and writer currently based between Sydney and London. After graduating from both The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Acting & Musical Theatre) and Rose Bruford College (BA (Hons) Acting), Tahlia stepped up as Head Coach at The Actor’s Dojo – an online platform pioneering actor empowerment through mindset and strategy training.