Do I really need LinkedIn? (I’m creative)

The Media Mentor says 'Yes' even if you hate the corporate vibe. These tips make it work for you.
bikes in a rack with LinkedIn logo

My business partner, Denise Eriksen and I – though mother and daughter-in-law – get on remarkably well. So well in fact that we started a business together. But there was one subject we massively disagreed on. LinkedIn. I thought it was no more use than MySpace. She thought it was hotter than TikTok.

I would never in a million years tell her this, but she was 100% right. LinkedIn is a necessity if you want to find work. Whether you’re applying through Seek, or searching for a hidden job, any potential employer will google you and LinkedIn will be there in the results. So be like me, put your judgement aside, ignore its corporate branding and embrace the biggest CV database on the planet.

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Co-founder of Media Mentors, Esther Coleman-Hawkins is an experienced TV producer, conference organiser and career mentor. Media Mentors provides one-on-one mentoring and runs workshops and networking events for people in the creative industry. Sessions with her, or her co-founder Denise Eriksen, can be booked through their website