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The following guidelines apply to theatrical projects qualifying for the 40 per cent Producer Offset (Feature Films).

Documentary projects, including theatrical or feature-length documentaries, are not eligible under this program. Refer to our Documentary programs.

To be considered for Screen Australia feature film production funding, a project must demonstrate that all other finance is in place at time of application.


Screen Australia’s enabling legislation, the Screen Australia Act 2008 (Cth), requires the agency to support the “development, production, promotion and distribution of Australian programs.” In doing so, it is to:

  •  “ensure the development of a diverse range of Australian programs that deal with matters of national interest or importance to Australians, or that illustrate or interpret aspects of Australia or the life and activities of Australian people”

Accordingly, Screen Australia’s Feature Film Production program aims to support a diverse slate of Australian films for theatrical release that entertain and enlighten domestic and international audiences while reflecting the unique characteristics of Australian identity.


  • Screen Australia will only contribute up to 65 per cent of the total budget, inclusive of any Producer Offset amount. Please note: in certain exceptional circumstances total funding can go as high as 75 per cent at the CEO’s or the Board’s discretion in accordance with their delegation.
  • Further, Screen Australia investment is capped at $2 million to a single theatrical feature film through this program unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • For official co-productions: the 65 per cent cap applies only to the Australian components of the budget.  You will need to provide the confirmation email as proof that the application has been lodged, a copy of the completed application for the provisional co-production approval AND the Producer Offset Provisional Certificate.
  • Low-budget feature films: For feature films which are intended to be produced with a total production budget under $1.5 million, Screen Australia may exercise flexibility in the application of these guidelines, particularly in relation to innovative marketplace components, and Pathway to Audience Strategies. Please check with an Investment Manager before applying.
  • Funding for retrospective costs (for monies already spent) will not be provided.

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