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Upon application

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander arts





Screen Australia

First Nations: Travel Grants

The Travel Grants program is designed to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers in travelling to key international and Australian events. Professional development is a key objective.

Funding is available to support travel costs associated with attending:

  • recognised film festivals and pitching forums where an applicant’s film has been selected or invited to attend
  • events where the applicant or their film has been nominated for an award
  • key international markets
  • conferences and workshops providing significant professional development opportunities.


Requests can be for domestic or international travel supported by a budget for:

  • Up to $6,000 for International travel
  • Up to $3,000 for travel within Australia

Only in exceptional circumstances will we provide funding outside of this amount.

Any hospitality offered by the event must be disclosed and any travel funding from other sources must be listed in the application form, including Screen Australia’s Business and Audience Department and state agencies.

Screen Australia’s First Nations Department will take into account any travel funds provided by Screen Australia’s Business and Audience Department and by state agencies, and the actual costs of travel from the applicant’s current place of residence.

Screen Australia will not provide funds retrospectively.

For more information, visit Screen Australia

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