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Usak in The Boyfriend. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

The Boyfriend review: a new delightfully queer reality TV obsession

4 stars for The Boyfriend, Japan's first same-sex dating show which releases episodes weekly on Netflix.

The Twelve – Season 2. Image: Binge.

The Twelve Season 2, Binge review: silky smooth

The Twelve returns with a fleshly farmhand, lawyerly lovemaking, crackling charisma and a tool for boring holes in wood ...

Fam Time. Image: 7+.

Fam Time, 7+ review: Australia's last ever sitcom?

Fam Time was announced, produced, promoted, and then buried by Seven back in 2020, but now it's here!

Maggie Beer's Big Mission. Image: ABC.

Maggie Beer’s Big Mission review: a heart-soaring triumph from the ABC

Championing a lifelong mission to promote healthy eating, Maggie Beer hopes to prove that minor tweaks can have a major…

Troppo – Series 2. Image: ABC.

Troppo Season 2, ABC review: crime-time viewing

Damaged private investigators Conkaffey and Pharrell make their suspenseful return in Season 2 of the Australian drama.

Jacs Gould (Alice Englert) in Exposure. Image: Stan

Exposure, Stan review: powerful arthouse TV

Exposure is an uncompromising Australian TV series that fully marshalls the medium's vocabulary.

Stuff the British Stole S2 ABC

Stuff the British Stole – Season 2, ABC review

Marc Fennell's ABC documentary series Stuff the British Stole, about where the world's treasures belong, is spot-on.

Monday's Experts, hosts Tony Armstrong and Catherine Murphy ABC

Monday's Experts, ABC review: playing sports comedy with a straight bat

Sporting banter and comedy combine in the ABC's latest stab at a format that's done well elsewhere.

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys season 4. Image: Prime Video.

The Boys S4, Prime review: Trump-like villain is the Starr

The dark superhero spoof The Boys continues to play with politics, power fantasies and villains you can't stop watching.

Otto by Otto

Revealed: Otto by Otto, Stan review: deeply personal

Gracie Otto's documentary about her father is raw, revealing and conversational, and allows us to watch his demise with loving…

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