The Trust Fall: Julian Assange documentary – watch trailer

The film, in cinemas this week, is the debut documentary work of Australian filmmaker Kym Staton, founder and director of Films For Change.

The Trust Fall: Julian Assange, a new Australian documentary about the Wikileaks founder is heading to cinemas this week.

The film delves into the situation, treatment and wider implications of ‘the most famous political prisoner of our time’, Julian Assange, and contains a never-seen-before interview relating to the so-called Collateral Murder incident in 2007, the released classified footage of which, in 2010, showed US helicopter troops opening fire on a group of people in Iraq, killing a number of them, including two journalists.

You can watch the trailer below:

Assange is currently being held in solitary confinement at England’s Belmarsh Prison for exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He awaits a decision from the UK High Court Judges as to whether he will be extradited to the US to face charges under the US Espionage Act, with the threat of a 175-year prison sentence.

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‘This is a film about a man who risked everything to bring the truth to light,’ says Staton.

‘In 2010, I witnessed the Collateral Murder video on the nightly news. At the time I didn’t make sense of it. I had no idea of the significance of this footage, who Julian Assange or WikiLeaks were. I gradually pieced it together over the following eight years and then was motivated to make a film about it.’

The Trust Fall: Julian Assange has won several awards including Best Emerging Director at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Best First-Time Director at the Cine Paris Film Festival and official selection at Warsaw Film Festival.

The film will play across the country in three cinema chains: Event Cinemas, Hoyts and Village Cinemas.

The Trust Fall: Julian Assange is now in cinemas.

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