Films by Indigenous Australian women to stream now

Enjoy films by Australian Indigenous women on SBS, ABC and more.

For International Women’s Day – and indeed, every other day – check out the titles below and celebrate the groundbreaking film work done by Indigenous Australian women.


First released in 1993, BeDevil is the first feature film made by an Indigenous Australian woman. Tracey Moffatt directs this triptych of ghost stories in a surreal horror that re-imagines Australian Aboriginal stories.

You can watch BeDevil on SBS On Demand

It’s A Long Road Back

This 1981 documentary was made by Oomera (Coral) Edwards on Super 8mm film. The film looks at the policy of taking Aboriginal children from their families and putting them in institutions, which was active from 1883 to 1969. Oomera was one of these children, and she discusses her own struggle to regain her Aboriginality.

You can watch It’s A Long Road Back on Vimeo On Demand

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Mabo is a biopic about Eddie Koiki Mabo, directed by Rachel Perkins (Bran Nu Dae). Released in 2012 for TV, Mabo depicts the life of the man responsible for overturning the idea of Australia as a ‘terra nullius’.

You can watch Mabo on ABC iView

Always Was, Always Will Be

This documentary was released in 1989 by Martha Ansara and Robert Bropho, and tells the story of Aboriginal fringe-dwellers of the Swan Valley. At this time many Aboriginal organisations were setting up camp to protect the sacred Grounds of the Waugul (Perth) from construction of a tourist centre and car park.

You can watch Always Was, Always Will Be on SBS On Demand

Wirriya (Small Boy)

Wirriya is a 2004 short directed by Beck Cole that documents a few hours in the life of a young boy in the Hidden Valley. He has lived in a camp for most of his life, and is being raised by his foster mother and three older sisters. It was shot over two months and presents a non-judgemental look at town camp life.

You can watch Wirriya (Small Boy) on Vimeo On Demand

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