Gran Turismo (2023) Movie Review Roundup

The Gran Turismo movie has achieved mixed reviews across the board.
gran turismo movie review roundup

The first reviews for hybrid video game adaptation / biopic Gran Turismo have hit the web – and they paint an intriguing picture of the flick. For the most part, reviews are fairly mixed, with rare praise heaped on performances from Orlando Bloom and David Harbour, as well as the film’s high speed cinematography – which has been favourably compared to Top Gun by several reviewers.

But while many agree the film is a visual spectacle, directed competently by Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium), issues with the script seemingly hold it back from greatness. One major through line in nearly every published review is that Gran Turismo relies heavily on ‘cringe’ dialogue that is often heavy-handed, and skewed towards promoting Gran Turismo games.

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