Branding Yourself: what’s your ‘user experience’?

Stop thinking of branding as 'selling out'. Clarity and consistency help you share your authentic creative gifts.
Little girl framing face with painted fingers

In this day and age, to be a working creative is to take on both the craft and the business. In a sense, we are both the creator, and the created. This requires the ability to wear two hats and to wear them well; to know ourselves deeply as artists, and to understand our marketplace accurately as entrepreneurs.

Regardless of how we might feel about playing the business side of the game, if we truly want to achieve our personal vision of success, branding can be a valuable addition to our toolkit. 

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Tahlia Norrish (@tahlianorrish) is an Aussie-Brit actor, writer, and current MPhil Candidate at the University of Queensland's School of Sport Sciences. After graduating from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Distinction, Acting & Musical Theatre) and Rose Bruford College (First Class Hons, Acting), Tahlia founded The Actor's Dojo — a pioneering coaching program centred on actor peak performance and holistic well-being.