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Screen Queensland

Location Assistance Scouting: 2023-24

Location assistance

Screen Queensland (SQ) provides location assistance in the form of:

> Script location breakdowns
> Bespoke location presentations
> Production liaison for long-form projects shooting or looking to shoot in Queensland.

SQ may also assist productions with contacts and liaison to local, State and Federal Government agencies to facilitate their long-form production, in line with SQ’s Film Friendly Pathways Program.

Queensland location managers

Queensland is home to some of Australia’s most experienced location managers, the majority of whom have also worked on projects interstate and overseas guiding productions through the process of filming on State and Federal Government land and water.

Scouting assistance

Generally reserved for interstate and international inbounds, Screen Queensland may provide scouting support to long-form productions based upon the production’s stage of development and its estimated Queensland spend (QPE).

Support through the scouting program is available for projects prior to commencement of pre-production and prior to, or during financing.

Scouting assistance may include covering some of the costs associated with on-ground travel including vehicle hire, accommodation, flights, helicopter/boat surveys and the contracting of a local location manager by Screen Queensland

For more information, visit Screen Queensland