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Jul 22, 2024


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Program Code: 3744 | CRICOS Code: 093318G

Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Information Systems / Bachelor of Business


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The Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of Business degree opens doors to entrepreneurship, start-up companies and new innovations that require business knowledge and cutting-edge information systems and technology skills.

Information Systems and Business at Western

Today, to implement technology, practising professionals need to not only have knowledge and skills in information and communications technology, but they also need to understand the context in which computer technology can best be selected, applied and implemented. The business component of this double degree will allow students to gain knowledge in one of three core Business areas: Money, Markets or Management. The Money area encompasses majors in Applied Finance and Economics, while Markets centres on majors in Hospitality, Sport Management, International Business and Marketing. Finally, the Management area includes majors in Human Resources and Management. In pursuing this combination of study, students will learn how to assume corporate roles in global enterprises as well as gain skills needed to start a business.
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