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Bachelor Degree

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Two Semesters

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In Class

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Jul 22, 2024


Minimum 3 Years, up to a maximum of 7 Years

University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Media and Communication (A3M)


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Media connects every aspect of our personal and professional lives, from the 24-hour news cycle to social media trends and endless streaming services. The ability to create content, and understand the role of communication in culture and society, opens doors to dynamic and rewarding career opportunities.

The Bachelor of Media and Communication will introduce you to communication practices across news and journalism, digital content production, marketing and public relations, and film-making. You’ll gain professional insights into global media industries, including evolving trends in media production and communication practices, and deepen your understanding of how media informs and reflects culture and society.

Located at The Hedberg, the cultural and creative heart of Hobart’s waterfront precinct, the Media School is a great place to start your career. Our teaching teams are world-leading researchers and experienced broadcasters, journalists, and filmmakers. You’ll also experience creative collaborations with Fine Arts, Music, and Theatre and Performance students. Our curriculum is designed to enable close creative networks, test working relationships, and leverage your accomplishments to generate future opportunities. You could find yourself working within Tasmania’s unique festival scene, creatively solving real client briefs, or soaking up inspiration on a field trip overseas.

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