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New South Wales

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Jul 22, 2024


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Program Code: 3688 | CRICOS Code: 079493K

Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Information Systems (Advanced)


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Invent your career in bits and bytes

Today, to implement technology, practising professionals need to not only have knowledge and skills in information and communications technology, but they also need to understand the context in which computer technology can best be selected, applied and implemented. You will work with organisations to design, develop, deploy and manage information systems through the application of computing technology. This program will help you carry out a real-life project where you will need to demonstrate you can design and develop an information system that solves a community-based problem. During this program, you will have a mentor who will support and guide you throughout the degree. This program will also link you with experienced academic staff and industry partners who will provide you with continuous training and supervision. Note: Students must maintain a grade point average of 5 or above to remain in the program. Those who do not maintain this average will be transferred to the Bachelor of Information Systems.
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