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Presentation & Promotion

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Upon application

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Film / Television Production


South Australia

South Australian Film Corporation

Matched Market Development Grant 2023-24

The Matched Market Program provides guaranteed matched funding to South Australian production companies with secured third-party development support from the market. It empowers South Australian producers to attract market partners for their slates and projects, with the certainty that the SAFC will match their development contribution.

What is on offer?

Production companies incorporated in, or with their headquarters in, South Australia may apply for uncapped Matched Market Development, subject to the availability of SAFC funds.

Projects must be intended for commercial release via theatrical cinema release; television broadcast or SVOD; digital and/or online platforms.

Matched Market Development Funding is considered a partial contribution to the next stage of development. Funds may be used towards development activities including (but not limited to): world building, writer’s room costs, series bibles, episode outlines, draft scripts, detailed research, script editing, budgeting, scheduling, casting, location scouting, legal fees, writing of a documentary treatment, creation of a teaser, proof of concepts, prototyping for VR, producer fees, writer fees and director fees, script editors and script consultants.

For more information, visit South Australian Film Corporation