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Screen Australia aims to support the creation of a diverse slate of quality, innovative, original, culturally significant small-screen storytelling that resonates with contemporary audiences.

The following guidelines apply to General Television Drama productions made primarily for broadcast or subscription television, VOD platform or similar. General Television Drama is any drama other than Children’s Television Drama. Producers of Children’s Television Drama, theatrical projects qualifying for the 40 per cent Producer Offset (Feature Films) and Online Productions should instead apply to those respective programs.

At the time of application, all projects must have a Commissioning Platform attached and must demonstrate that all other finance is in place.


Screen Australia’s enabling legislation, the Screen Australia Act 2008 (Cth), requires the agency to support the “development, production, promotion and distribution of Australian programs.” In doing so, it is to:

  • “ensure the development of a diverse range of Australian programs that deal with matters of national interest or importance to Australians, or that illustrate or interpret aspects of Australia or the life and activities of Australian people”

Accordingly, the General Television Drama Production funding program aims to support the production of a diverse slate of quality, innovative, original, culturally significant small-screen storytelling that resonates with contemporary audiences.

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