The Story of Film: A New Generation

Following his critically lauded series examining the history of cinema, Mark Cousins returns with a new edition.


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Jan 6, 2022

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Jan 19, 2022


Cinemas, Level 2


ACMI, Fed Square

Ten years ago with The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Mark Cousins took us on an expansive, 15-hour journey through the history of cinema marking important moments in the creation and evolution of film language.  Now, a decade later, Cousins shifts the focus away from film history to deliver a snapshot of cinema today.

This updated ‘story’ kicks off with a question: are Frozen and Todd Phillips’ Joker, at their core, the same film? From here, we’re taken on a journey covering all terrains of the cinema landscape and all corners of the globe to cherrypick the films that quietly (or loudly) zigged instead of zagged.

The Story of Film: A New Generation made its world premiere at the 74th Cannes Film Festival and screens exclusively to ACMI.

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