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Oct 27, 2024


1 year

Deakin University

Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)

Extend your prior learning in IT to gain a deeper understanding of your chosen discipline through research exploration within this honours degree.

Course overview

Gain a competitive edge with in-depth knowledge of your chosen discipline through a supervised research project in Deakin’s Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours). This course connects you with teachers working in the field, supporting you to explore deeper approaches to future technologies and opening doors to further research.

Graduates from Deakin’s honours program are in high demand for their investigative, exploratory and lateral thinking approach to IT. By undertaking a focused research project, you will graduate with advanced technical expertise in your chosen specialisation, as well as the skills to become a creative, solutions-driven professional in this dynamic industry.

Are you a high performer wanting to investigate specialised knowledge through a focused research project?

You’ll work together with supervisors to investigate your area of interest through research. Your project will reinforce the skills you already have and your passion for new knowledge while you work towards contributing new ideas to IT-related industry sectors.

As well as developing deeper and more specialised IT skills, you will learn to be an ethical, informed researcher. The coursework component of your honours program provides essential theory for robust research, while your chosen project extends the practical skills you need to become a curious, adaptable problem-solver in your career.

Your project can focus on one of Deakin’s many IT discipline areas, including:

  • application development – plan, design and develop profitable web, desktop, mobile and business apps
  • cloud computing – develop expertise to construct solutions using virtualisation, enterprise networks, system security and cloud infrastructure
  • creative technologies – integrate innovative computing concepts with the needs of a 21st-century lifestyle
  • game development – use the latest games engines to create interactive tools for entertainment and education
  • cyber security – identify, diagnose and resolve the challenges of safeguarding data and systems
  • virtual and augmented reality – revolutionise the way companies work to overcome physical and geographical barriers.

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