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Advanced Diploma

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Sep 2, 2024

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New York Film Academy Australia

Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media: Acting for Film

“How to get into acting” is a question asked by many aspiring actors in Australia. As such, New York Film Academy Australia delivers the nationally recognised training program CUA60620 – Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media with chosen coursework focused on the craft and business of acting for film. Over the course of the two semesters of the program, students learn how to make the transition from acting on stage to acting in front of a camera.

After all, when it comes to acting in a film, television show, or web series, actors must contend with numerous distractions and challenges that might be new to them, from having numerous crew members scurry about the set, to collaborating with the director on his/her vision. Actors will learn that cultivating a performance on command is a skill that is not simply intuited. The acting classes offered at the New York Film Academy will give students the tools needed to address these challenges through “learning by doing.”

Students in Australia have the option of studying at NYFA Australia Gold Coast campus. NYFA Australia students study under the Academy’s world-class faculty composed of professional actors who continue to work throughout the country, and world, in films and television shows. In addition, students take a wide range of acting classes designed to expose them to every facet of acting for film, while preparing them to achieve their professional goals upon completing the program.

In addition to their in-class instruction, students also receive extensive experience performing different roles through exercises in front of the camera, either through instructor-supervised acting workshops or by collaborating with film school students to work on original film projects, giving them real on-set experience that has earned our acting school a sterling reputation.

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$28,500 per course