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Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies (Retroflectors: The Astronaut, the Robot, the Alien)

Australian Premiere

A fascination with extra-terrestrial ecologies – the plant life and natural environments that are glimpsed in films like The Martian, ET and Silent Running – inspired filmmaker Ralo Mayer to explore the relationship between ecology, science and science fiction. 

What emerges in this fascinating essay film is a story that shifts through alien worlds and our own relationship to the environmental potentials of the future. From science fiction movies to ground breaking experiments such as Biosphere 2, the film explores the nature of the other worlds, and our own terrestrial ecology in future and alien worlds. 

Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies asks us to consider what the potential ecologies of alien worlds tell us about the future, about space travel, and our own terrestrial ecologies. 

Extra-Terrestrial Ecologiesis a considered and engaging film that makes unexpected connections and draws unexpected answers as it shifts between ecology, speculation, science fiction, and space exploration. An endlessly fascinating work.

Screens with the short film Eternity.

  • Director:  Ralo Mayer
  • Year:  2018
  • Country:  Austria
  • Duration:  43mins
  • Rated:  Unclassified 15

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Sun 7th, 12.30pm, Luna Leederville

Fri 12th, 8pm, Luna Leederville

Sun 14th, 10.20am, Luna Leederville

Event starts
Sunday 7 July, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 14 July, 2019
Luna Leederville
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