One of the defining works of neorealist cinema

In post-World War II Rome, two shoeshine boys become involved in black marketeering.

Vittorio De Sica’s first masterpiece is one of the defining works of neorealism and a fascinating document of a city and country still ravaged by the scars of war.

Treading a fine line between stark social criticism and an almost hauntingly poetic symbolism, James Agee called it “as beautiful, moving, and heartening a film as you are ever likely to see”.

Written by the great Cesare Zavattini and Sergio Amidei, amongst others, it earned an honorary Oscar.

35mm print courtesy of Cinecittà Luce.

  • DIRECTOR: Vittorio De Sica
  • Duration: 87 mins
  • Country: Italy
  • Language: Italian with English subtitles
  • Date: 1946
  • Format: 35 mm, Black & White
  • Source: Cinecittà Luce
  • Rating: M

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