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Mad Women

Locas Mujeres

A documentary about the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner, Gabriela Mistral, and her relationship with the American Doris Dana

Locas Mujeres (Mad Women) is a feature-length documentary that explores the inner world of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and her intimate relationship with the American Doris Dana. Gabriela meets Doris when she thinks that all she has left is to die. Gabriela has won the Nobel Prize, but cannot overcome the biggest tragedy of her life: the suicide of her only son Yin Yin. In Doris, Gabriela finds what has always eluded her, to love and be loved. Doris, realizing that Gabriela will be gone soon, records the conversations with her in their Long Island house. These recordings, zealously kept by Doris for 50 years, will be the access to the affective universe of a woman who lives in permanent tension with her inner demons and whose sensitivity and ambition make her the protagonist of her time.

  • DIRECTOR: María Elena Wood
  • Duration: 72 mins
  • Country: Chile
  • Language: Spanish with English subtitles
  • Date: 2011
  • Format: DCP, Colour
  • Rating: Unclassified 18+

Event starts
Tuesday 19 November, 2019
Event ends
Tuesday 19 November, 2019
Treasury Theatre
Venue Address
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St

Melbourne ,

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