Love in the Afternoon

Audrey Hepburn stars as a young cellist who saves the life of a philandering millionaire

Private detective Claude Chavasse (Maurice Chevalier) has a client who wants to kill another of his clients. It’s a tough break, especially since target Frank Flannagan (Gary Cooper) is not only a philanderer but also incredibly wealthy.

After becoming infatuated with the would-be victim, young cello student Ariane (Audrey Hepburn) foils the hit and begins a love affair with the worldlier Flannagan. To keep up, Ariane pretends to be more experienced than she is by recounting sexual escapades she’s seen in her PI father’s files.

In Love in the Afternoon, Billy Wilder sets up a world of cads, men who admire cads and innocent women who get used by cads – but soon turn the tables. Ariane soon becomes the character with the most to lose, but also the character with the most control.

  • WRITER & DIRECTOR: Billy Wilder
  • Duration: 130 mins
  • Country: United States of America
  • Language: English
  • Date: 1957
  • Format: DCP, Black & White
  • Courtesy: Park Circus
  • Source: Park Circus
  • Rating: PG

Event starts
Saturday 12 January, 2019
Event Ends
Tuesday 15 January, 2019
Venue Address
Federation Square, Flinders St


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