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La Belle Epoque

A film for anyone who has ever held on to the past, and one that explores the bittersweet grip of nostalgia. What if your past could be recreated to the last detail? Director Nicolas Bedos (Mr. & Mrs. Adelman, The Players) hypothesizes about an alternate path that virtual reality may take in his film LA BELLE EPOQUE. Victor (Daniel Auteuil) is a disillusioned cartoonist surveying the state of his life and his marriage to Marianne (Fanny Ardant). He encounters Antoine (Guillaume Canet) - director of a company called Time Travellers who provide tailor-made experiences of the past - and he soon deep-dives into a world of escapism into a time long gone.

A romcom striking in its originality, cleverness, and the very Frenchness of it all, Bedos' film is more than a homage to the past - it's a reverie of lost happiness and at the same time a musing upon where the future could be headed.

  • Commences  Thursday, 9 Apr 2020
  • Rating  M
  • Genre  Comedy
  • Running Time  110

Event starts
Thursday 9 April, 2020
Event ends
Thursday 9 April, 2020
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