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EFFA: The Hottest August

"Even face to face with a bleak future, The Hottest August is steeped in delight, the kind that reminds us that there's beauty in the world, and a future that's worth fighting for." - Slate

Australian Premiere

How do we respond to the age of climate anxiety, confronted by an endless stream of dire statistics, terrifying images and a ticking clock?

Billed as the 'Humans of New York' approach to climate change documentary-making, THE HOTTEST AUGUST asks, 'what were you doing while the planet was burning?', capturing fascinating perspectives from a broad range of everyday New Yorkers - from the optimists, to the deniers, to the futurists.

Filmed each day for a month, we witness job insecurity, racialised violence, gentrification and fears of technology - all interspersed with, and impacting how we deal with, the changing world around us.

Presented as a poetic artefact, THE HOTTEST AUGUST offers a refreshingly lucid look at the backdrop to our ecological crisis - a film about our future from the perspective of the present.

This film screens as part of the 2019 ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA (EFFA) and includes a post-screening panel discussion. Find out more about the panel on the EFFA website.

  • Commences  Saturday, 26 Oct 2019
  • Rating  E
  • Genre  To Be Advised
  • Running Time  94

Event starts
Saturday 26 October, 2019
Event ends
Saturday 26 October, 2019
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