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EFFA: Swarm Season

Australian Premiere

"This impressionistic documentary is a heavenly and entrancing look at the end of the world. It's an intensely well-made film, finding something truly moving in between the worlds of NASA and Indigenous cosmology." - Criterioncast

As artful as it is expansive, the atmospheric and enigmatic SWARM SEASON haunts, provokes and illuminates in equal measures.

Offering a series of unique considerations - from a mother and daughter breeding a bee colony, to inspections of humanity's transcendent connection to land, to thinking about the possibility of interplanetary expansion - SWARM SEASON gestures towards the realm of science-fiction, while remaining anchored in the human and ecological concerns of reality.

With entrancing intensity and a razor-sharp eye for dream-like visuals, this documentary delicately blends craft and contemplation into a rich, spellbinding artwork, probing our understanding of nature and compelling us to ponder what lies ahead for the planet.

This film screens as part of the 2019 ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA (EFFA).

  • Commences  Friday, 25 Oct 2019
  • Rating  E
  • Genre  To Be Advised
  • Running Time  86

Event starts
Friday 25 October, 2019
Event ends
Friday 25 October, 2019
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