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EFFA: Mossville: When Great Trees Fall

"Striking and ugent, this harrowing account of environmental racism follows Stacey Ryan, one of the last remaining residents of a historically African American community, as he fights an influx of petrochemical plants into his town." - IndieWire

Australian Premiere

Best Feature Documentary - Ranier Independent Film Festival 2019 (USA)
David Carr Award For Truth In Non-Fiction Filmmaking - Montclair Film Festival 2019 (USA)

When your home is poisoned - do you stay, or do you go?

In a small Louisiana town, petrochemical industries purchase cheap surrounding real estate, contaminating the land of the once thriving, centuries-old black community.

Mossville's citizens abandon their ancestral home as it becomes uninhabitable. Everyone except for Stacey Ryan. Surrounded by a toxic wasteland and isolated from resources and community, Stacey practices sheer resilience against oppressive industrial forces, and refuses to let the deadly link between racial and environmental injustice prevail - despite the devastating toll this has taken on his health, his family and his community.

This film screens as part of the 2019 ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA (EFFA) and includes a post-screening panel discussion. Find out more about the panel on the EFFA website.

  • Commences  Saturday, 26 Oct 2019
  • Rating  E
  • Genre  To Be Advised
  • Running Time  76

Event starts
Saturday 26 October, 2019
Event ends
Saturday 26 October, 2019
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