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Chinese Portrait

Chronicling the state of the nation one carefully arranged image at a time, the first feature-length documentary from Wang Xiaoshuai (Red Amnesia, MIFF 2015; 11 Flowers, MIFF 2012) provides an illuminating window into China’s recent history.

Shooting over 10 years and inspired by the work of painter Liu Xiaodong, Wang traverses the country to capture factory employees, farmers, fishermen, construction workers, train passengers, beachside tourists, students and more, all in motionless poses. But, in a fitting parallel of contemporary Chinese life, nothing truly remains static in these intricate tableaux.

Living up to its name, Chinese Portrait is a work of astonishing depth and breadth – continuing Wang’s impassioned examination of a place struggling to move on from its past, and casting its eyes over the spaces that typify modern-day China: building-filled cities, untouched landscapes, crumbling industrial sites and a constant sea of development.

“A subjective and utterly revealing snapshot of the state of Wang’s country.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Please note that spoken and background dialogue in this film remain unsubtitled as per the director's intentions.

  • Director: Wang Xiaoshuai
  • Country: Hong Kong (2018)
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Themes: Environmental, Epic, Faith
  • Documentaries, Documentary Visions | Feature
  • Unclassified 18+

Sun 11 Aug, 1:30 pm | Hoyts 6
Sun 18 Aug, 4:00 pm | Cinema Nova

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Sunday 11 August, 2019
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Sunday 18 August, 2019
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