Covid Safe event, limited seating.

Feel free to arrive 15 minutes earlier, walk around the gallery, meet other animation enthusiasts and get a drink at the 107 Projects bar.


Join us for a compilation of some of the most amazing short films from all around the World!

Limited seats available to keep social distance. These films are not for people under 15, unless accompanied by an adult.

PROGRAMME - 2021, Neptune collection

1 - Here we are: Notes For Living on Planet Earth (Directed by Philip Hunt), United Kingdom

2 - I'll call you later (Directed by Maria Scutaru), Romania

3 - Another You (Directed by Yiran Qiao), USA

4 - The Flat (Directed by Lev Voloshin), Republic of Moldova

5 - Krasnoludki (Directed by Roman Burmakov), Belaurs

6 - Charlie (Directed by Chan Kuang Jun, Koh Gek Luan, Ong Yi Teck, Eugene Tham Kai Ming, Tan Hui Yi), Singapore

7 - To the dusty sea (Directed by Héloïse Ferlay), France

8 - I am not Alice but here is Wonderland (Directed by Mahdieh Sadat Ahmadi Soleimani), Islamic Republic of Iran

9 - Oldie but goldie (Directed by Nacho Subirats), Spain

10 - Trois Francs Six Sous (Directed by Clémence Ottevaere, Florence Blain, Louise Leblond, Varoon Indalkar, Morgane Ladjel, Hugo Valdelièvre-Rattier), France

11 - The retreat (Directed by Bel Holborow, Bella Meagher), Australia

12 - Road to Prohibition (Directed by Javier Murciano), Spain

13 - CNUT (Directed by ARACOURT Studio, Courtney Westbrook), Australia

14 - Duino (Directed by Austin T Vincent), USA

15 - How To Get Out Of Here? (Directed by Marcin Jażyński), Poland

16 - Saba (Directed by Carlos Navarro), Spain

Seating setup is in adherence with social distance measures; places are therefore limited.

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Event starts
Saturday 13 March, 2021
Event ends
Saturday 13 March, 2021
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