Covid Safe event, limited seating.

Feel free to arrive 15 minutes earlier, walk around the gallery, meet other animation enthusiasts and get a drink at the 107 Projects bar.


Join us for a compilation of some of the most amazing short films from all around the World!

Limited seats available to keep social distance. These films are not for people under 15, unless accompanied by an adult.

PROGRAMME - 2021, Jupiter collection

1 - Forget-Me-Not (Directed by Kodai Nakano), Japan

2 - Heart of Gold (Directed by Simon Filliot), France

3 - Carlotta's Face (Directed by Valentin Riedl, Frédéric Schuld), Germany

4 - Star Crossed (Directed by Jon Frier), USA

5 - Sea ya (Directed by Yani Sun), USA

6 - The Winter (Directed by Xin Li), Australia

7 - Roses in the Night (Directed by Pencho Kunchev), Bulgaria

8 - Nadirah: Coal woman (Directed by Negar Elodie Behzadi , Kate Jessop), United Kingdom

9 - Ndoto (Directed by Njung'e Wanjiru), Kenya

10 - Kindled (Directed by Natasha Bishop), New Zealand

11 - Sigh (Directed by Vlad Bolgarin), Republic of Moldova

12 - The water of the earth (Directed by Romain Claris), France

13 - First Born (Directed by Justin Bruce Lee), USA

14 - Almost There (Directed by Nelly Michenaud), United Kingdom

15 - When The Steaks Are High (Directed by Carmel Horowitz), Israel

16 - Toxic Relationship (Directed by Step Cheung), Hong Kong

17 - The Orange Song (Directed by Eleonora Asparuhova), United Kingdom

Seating setup is in adherence with social distance measures; places are therefore limited.

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Event starts
Thursday 11 February, 2021
Event ends
Thursday 11 February, 2021
107 Projects
Venue Address
107 Redfern Street, Redfern

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