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GER19 100 Things

Toni loves his espresso machine. Paul adores his smart phone. Toni can’t do anything without his hair-growth pills. Paul can’t function without Amazon. All hilarious hell breaks loose when a drunken argument at a party leads to an unthinkable wager between the two men: they vow to rid themselves of all possessions for 100 days. Only allowing themselves to retrieve one item out of storage per day, Paul and Toni are forced to confront what is really important in their lives, and what they can do without.

Following on from their box-office hit The Most Beautiful Day (GER16), writer-director-actor Florian David Fitz reunites with his reliable and prolific on-screen counterpart Matthias Schweighöfer (You Are Wanted), starring as childhood best friends Paul and Toni – a competitive pair who are largely bound by their insatiable love of stuff.


  • NOMINATED: Best Actor, Jupiter Award 2019
  • NOMINATED:  Best Film, Most Popular Actor, Romy Award 2019


“A high-concept movie teaching the relative importance of possessions and addicted consumerism.” – Variety

  • Director  Florian David Fitz
  • Cast  Florian David Fitz, Matthias Schweighöfer, Katharina Thalbach
  • Duration  110 min
  • Rating  18+
  • Language  German, English and Finnish with English subtitles
  • Genre  Comedy

Event starts
Tuesday 21 May, 2019
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Tuesday 21 May, 2019
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