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Make it Monthly: Online to ... where?

Explore the potential for online content creation and distribution

There are very few people in the world who can make a living solely from creating online content.

So how do we consider online content creation as an industry? Is it purely an artistic pursuit? A platform for getting your voice heard? Or can it be your calling card, and, therefore, your ticket to making a steady income?

This month’s Make It Monthly features an extraordinary panel of producers from all platforms and at various stages of solving these dilemmas. They’ve tackled subjects that are seemingly taboo in mainstream media, made sales to huge online global markets in places like China, helped reinvent mainstream TV shows and attracted commissions from network giants, like Comedy Central.

Join us as the panelists, including Screen Australia’s Lee Naimo, discuss and share ideas about how best to produce online content that travels and thrives in a disruptive media world.

Please note: Until further notice, Make it Monthly events will be hosted via live-stream on the ACMI Youtube channel.

Make It Monthly is a collaborative venture between AFTRS, ACMI and Media Mentors Australia.


Lee Naimo: Online Investment Manager, Screen Australia

Hayley Adams: Producer and Director, Love Songs (first ever scripted drama released on TikTok) and I Can’t Even

Max Miller: Film Director, Aunty Donna

Ric Forster: Director, FLUNK

Grace Feng Fang Juan: Writer & Director, Girl, Interpreted

Nikki Tran: Producer Girl, Interpreted

Denise Eriksen: Co Founder, Media Mentors

Event starts
Thursday 2 April, 2020
Event ends
Thursday 2 April, 2020

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