Shelter Domestics Online Exhibition

Shelter Domestics

12 June - 31 August

Online Exhibition by Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios

Turning gendered semiotics and the genre works of domestic settings on its head, 'Shelter Domestics' examines the pandemic lockdown situation of home life brought about by COVID-19, where boundaries of the private and the public are blurred and at times, interchanged. It asks questions about the new politics of home as a place of confinement, refuge, work and play and the tensions that arise from these conflicting functions. Featuring the works of twenty-six artists across a range of mediums from twelve countries, 'Shelter Domestics' captures the uncertain present and serves as a vivid documentation of a significant moment in history.

'Shelter Domestics' is the final installment in a series of three online exhibitions by Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios. The gallery's first online exhibition of international and local artists, 'Shelter Domestics' takes form in an online image gallery and a 3D Virtual Reality exhibition space. Both galleries are available until 31 August on the Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios website.

Online Image Gallery:

3D VR Gallery:

Event starts
Monday 13 July, 2020
Event ends
Monday 31 August, 2020
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National , Online

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