World Monologue Film Festival

World Monologue Film Festival

World Monologue Film Festival, sister to the phenomenal acting competition World Monologue Games, was set up to provide a unique challenge for filmmakers during COVID lockdowns.

Opportunity Details

Closing Date

Feb 10, 2022


New South Wales



Our legacy continues with submissions open for our 2nd season in 2022.

World Monologue Film Festival accepts films in the following format:

– They must be shot in one continuous take
– They must have camera movement – no performing in front of a tripod
– They must feature only one performer – no offscreen voices, no additional actors (silent or not)
– They must run for 1 to 2 and a half minutes
– They must not mention Coronavirus and the global pandemic – let’s tell stories about something else!

Check out our “How to” video:

Watch our info session from 2021. Our 2021 season may have some differences, but this gives you a deeper understanding of how the event works:

For more information, visit

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