Oz Indie Film Festival

Oz Indie Film Festival

Following the remarkable triumph of this year's festival, attributed to the exceptional quality of the submitted films, the Australian Oz Indie Film Festival is poised to once again honor the…


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Apr 23, 2025






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Following the remarkable triumph of this year’s festival, attributed to the exceptional quality of the submitted films, the Australian Oz Indie Film Festival is poised to once again honor the pinnacle of International and Australian independent filmmaking. In an era where movies are increasingly dictated by market research, demographics, and commercial trends like comic books and computer games, the imperative to unearth and nurture bold, independent, and visionary filmmakers has never been more pronounced.

Your film will be evaluated based on a single criterion: the excellence of your craft. Feel empowered to express your perspectives and ideologies, as long as they are integral to the submitted work. Within the bounds of legal decency, we will not censor your artistic expression.

All victors are recognized, praised, and commemorated on our website, receiving certificates along with exclusive laurels and tailored promotion. Additionally, each submission can opt for additional categories, enhancing the opportunity to achieve multiple awards.

Our categories include Australian Independent Feature Films, Australian Short Films, International independent Films, Documentaries, Indigenous Work, Animated Features, Animated Shorts, Smart Phone Work, Student Work, TV Pilot and Music Videos.

It’s All About Exposure!
The massive exposure your Film, Documentary or Music Video can receive for your, Cast and Crew can get from entering Oziff.

Whether you are chosen for screening or not you entry may be selected for U.S. TV broadcast on The Mini Movie Hour (MMH) and PrimeTime Music.

The purpose of the shows are to provide filmmakers, singers and musicians, exposure on U.S. broadcast television. These shows reach approximately 50 million households throughout the U.S. and can also be viewed on OTT platforms, Roku & Amazon FireTV!

We would like to let you know in advance that we do not charge to be featured on the Mini Movie Hour or Prime Time Music, and they do not pay a licensing fee. Also, their licenses is non-exclusive.

We proudly impose no further constraints on your work. This encompasses its premiere status, age, and whether it has been previously available online.

We look forward to your participation as either filmmakers, actors, musicians, industry judges, sponsors and theatre venues.

Best Short Film
Best Long Short
Best Feature Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Feature Documentary
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Male and Female Actor
Best Indigenous/First Nations Work
Best LGBTIQ+ Project
Best Music Video
Best Dance Film
Best Comedy
Best Horror
Best Sports Related Film
Best Student Project
Best Experimental Film
Best Web Series
Best TV Pilot
Best Feature and Short Screenplay

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