Australian Womens Film Festival

Australian Womens Film Festival (AWFF) 2022

The Australian Womens Film Festival is a short film festival created by women, for women.


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Closing Date

Aug 15, 2022





The Australian Womens Film Festival is a short film festival created by women, for women. AWFF wants to support, encourage and celebrate female storytellers by giving them a platform to showcase their talent both in front and behind the camera. Men are not excluded from being involved in AWFF, they just need to be willing to work with women!

The Australian Womens Film Festival offers the following award categories:

Best Film (Prize awarded)
Best Dramatic Film
Best Comedic Film
Best Animated Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Screenplay
Best Editor
Best Actor
One to Watch Award (for young filmmakers)
Audience Award (voted by audience on the night)


One of the most unique aspects of our competition is that three of the five key creatives (Writer,Director, Producer, DOP and Editor) for every film must identify as female.

The film must pass the Bechdel Test by meeting the following three criteria:
(1) it has to have at least two women in it;
(2) who have a conversation;
(3) about something besides a man.

If the Film has no dialogue or is a monologue and therefore cannot technically pass the Bechdel Test, AWFF will determine in its sole discretion whether the Film meets the purpose and intention behind the Bechdel Test and AWFF.

• Your film must have been completed after 1 March 2020
• Your film must not have screened publicly in Sydney, been broadcast on Australian TV, or widely distributed online, and will not be until after AWFF 2022
• Your film must be no longer than 15 minutes (including titles and credits)
• Your film must be in 16:9 ratio and PAL format
• Your film must be uploaded by 23:59 Australian Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday 15 February 2022.
• You must agree to ALL terms and conditions of entry as specified in the Terms & Conditions on our website.

For more information visit Australian Womens Film Festival