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Halsey as Tabby Martin and Mia Goth as Maxine Minx in MaXXXine. Image: A24/Universal Pictures

MaXXXine review: a killer ending to Ti West's trilogy

Mia Goth takes on 1980s Hollywood in MaXXXine, a thrilling close to Ti West's horror trilogy.

Fly Me To The Moon. Image: Sony Pictures/Apple TV

Fly Me To The Moon review: good clean American fun

Fly Me To The Moon invokes the power of nostalgia to deliver a crowd-pleasing romcom that you'll probably forget about…

Kinds of Kindness. Image: Searchlight Pictures.

Kinds of Kindness review: such dark delights

Disturbing and hilarious, Kinds of Kindness reuinites Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe with the Poor Things director Yorgos Lanthimos.

Hundreds of Beavers. Image: Revelation Perth International Film Festival/Justin Cook Public Relations

Hundreds of Beavers review: help, the beavers have unionised!

Mike Cheslik's Hundreds of Beavers is a silent film made on a shoestring budget that's guaranteed to bust your gut.

In The Room Where He Waits. Image supplied.

In the Room Where He Waits review: Daniel Monks transfixes in this spooky chiller

Timothy Despina Marshall’s debut directorial feature marks him out as one to watch.

Emotion is Dead.

Emotion is Dead film review: an indie love letter to Adelaide's northern suburbs

Ambitious and engaging, Emotion is Dead is equal parts emo coming-of-age dramedy and working class crime thriller.

Inside Out 2. Image: Disney. Anxiety greets core emotions, Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness in headquarters.

Inside Out 2 review: anxiety is the star of the show

With fast-pacing, great visuals and enough emotional depth, Inside Out 2 delivers on more than one front.

Stuff the British Stole S2 ABC

Stuff the British Stole – Season 2, ABC review

Marc Fennell's ABC documentary series Stuff the British Stole, about where the world's treasures belong, is spot-on.

An emu fires a gun in The Emu War. Image: Umbrella Entertainment

The Emu War film review: piss-farting and bloodshed brings the laughs

The Emu War is an Australian comedy that's full of shoddy gags and historical inaccuracies – and you can't help…

Otto by Otto

Revealed: Otto by Otto, Stan review: deeply personal

Gracie Otto's documentary about her father is raw, revealing and conversational, and allows us to watch his demise with loving…

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