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A year ago the top ten films made $2.26m over the weekend ... and now?

On the last weekend before the July holidays, the total was $22.5m, which then rose to $30m, and then sank…

Peter Rabbit's friends having fun with vegetables
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Australians are animated by animation with a 'local' anima

Australian audiences are good at finding an underlying national identity in blockbuster films, however tenuous.


Minions: The Rise of Gru beats Elvis at the box office

Elvis firms at the box office as Minions: The Rise of Gru is an animation triumph


Lightyear fails to create a buzz for Pixar

Fearful producers could think that Pixar is damaging its brand by streaming and thereby losing glamour ... but reviews have…

Jurassic World: Dominion. Courtney Bryce Dallas. .

Jurassic World: Dominion makes double its budget in week one

The latest dino film took $558m globally in week one, but sits just behind Top Gun: Maverick's opening haul at…

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Top Gun: Maverick hits mach speed at the box office

Older audiences are leading the sortie into cinemas for Top Gun but people born this century are buzzing the tower…

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Bechdel, Sexy Lamp, Vito Russo, Riz – which test is best?

The people we’re asked to empathise with on screen are still overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, male and pale.

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How to Please a Woman review: sex work comedy with ups and downs

Set in Western Australia, Renee Webster's debut feature film celebrates the humanity and dignity of everyone involved.

Family in car with intense signed conversation

CODA deserved the Oscar as a tribute to its process

CODA is a 'fabulous celebration of difference' – David Tiley reflects on a lifetime of hearing impairment and how it…

Nostalgic love for the Harry Potter universe has become very complicated. Image: Warner Bros.
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JK Rowling betrayed us but I'll still watch Fantastic Beasts

Is it possible to reconcile the author's views on trans women with nostalgia for the Harry Potter universe?

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