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Tyler Bern, Que Minh Luu, Amanda Duthie

Fast-tracking new Australian projects to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Stan

Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and Screen Australia have announced a new Pitch on Demand initiative.

Opinions & Analysis

Why Gladys needs to channel her inner Jacinda, as Arts Minister

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian recently took over the portfolio of Arts Minister with the resignation of Don Harwin, but does…


As COVID-19 bites, industry lobbying pivots to the future

Virus + regulations brawl = frazzled lobbyists, more unity and an emerging blast of imagination.

Career Advice

Live stream your performance: a beginner's guide

NZ author, playwright and poet Dominic Hoey offers a 'live streaming for dummies' guide.

Career Advice

6 tips for digital critics

With programs, performances and exhibitions all moving online, how do we filter what’s good and what’s not? And how has…


Federal Government announces $27M in targeted relief funding for arts

Indigenous Arts, Regional Arts and Support Act are the recipients of a targeted multi-million dollar package for the arts, but…

Opinions & Analysis

Poll Results: Top priorities for government funding

We asked readers what their top priorities were to funding our way through COVID-19 and beyond. Here are the results.


ICYMI: The week's top news in the arts

As arts organisations go online, a whole bunch of opportunities have opened up for artists - we give you the…


Nerd immunity: Can geeks save the arts from COVID-19?

Yen Yang thinks the secret to artistic survival during self isolation might be in the darkest corners of the web.


Production courses go online with 'a great team and a red hot go'

What happens when production courses go online in a frenzy of digital change? We give you Griffith University and Victorian…

Career Advice

How to apply for the Centrelink coronavirus supplement as a sole trader

The Federal Government has announced a supplement to Jobseeker payments from 27 April, with some waived requirements for sole traders.…

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